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                                HOT WATER TURBINE GENERATOR

                                               Engineering Features

 ·          Superior efficiency-comparable or surpassing multistage units at a fraction of Their cost.            

 ·           Very small size.

 ·              No warm-up needed, simple to operate, can start and stop like an electric motor.

 ·              Minimal foundation requirements for low cost installation.

 ·              Will ingest water without damage and does not require superheated steam.

 ·              Extremely low maintenance and nearly 100% operating availability.

 ·              Excellent part-load efficiencies equaled by none.

 ·              Relatively low cost for quick payback, (typically two to four years).

 ·              No emissions (no permitting)

 ·              Produces the very lowest cost power (1.4 cents per kWh with $3.50 per mcf gas).

 ·              An “Advanced Energy Technology” for “Distributed Generation” of Electrical Energy.

 ·              Most innovative and modern design in its class.

 ·              Very flexible in numerous energy applications


 This Turbine is designed for producing power in the following applications

 ·                    Convert recovered process waste heat into electrical energy.  (Kilns, glass, steel, furnaces etc.)

 ·                    Electrical power production from Bio-fuels and renewable sources.

 ·                    Can produce electricity as a by-product when used to replace steam pressure reducing valves.

 ·                    Placement in front of Absorption Chillers for passive generation of power.

 ·                    Use as Chiller Drive; requires 25% less steam than a two-stage absorption chiller.

 ·                    Convert waste fuels into electrical energy.

 ·                    Combine with gas turbines to greatly increase electrical generating efficiencies. (Combined-Cycle)

 ·                    Solar Power Applications.

 ·                    Medical facility central boiler plants to significantly reduce energy costs.

 ·                    Refinery applications, mechanical pumps and compressor drives.

 ·                    Combine use with Micro-turbines for “second generation” electrical efficiencies of 40% plus.

 ·                    Economical replacement of old or inefficient existing turbines.


CARBON FUEL OFFSET:  Utilization of a 600 KW rated turbine (in one of the above applications) at 80% load, 80% of

the time AVOIDS THE ANNUAL COMBUSTION OF OVER 1,400 tons (2.8 million pounds) of Coal at a Central power plant.





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