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       Turbo Dynamics specializes in industrial and large commercial energy systems.  Turbo Dynamics has more than twenty-five years experience in reducing energy costs.  This is achieved by an in-depth working knowledge of design, operation and maintenance of all energy consuming systems and their components.




    Most large commercial facilities or industrial complexes can reduce their energy costs EASILY between

10% to 20% with little to no capital investment,  or realize 20% to 40% cost reductions with moderate investment

in its energy systems.  Facilities that have already received physical energy system upgrades often do not realize

their full savings potential without follow-up review and fine tuning for actual operating conditions


     An excellent and favorite example is the State of Ohio's 22-story (505,000 square feet) Disalle building in Toledo, Ohio

(Government Center). In 2000, a multi-million dollar replacement of the entire central air conditioning system was implemented.

The best and most efficient equipment was installed. This improvement, propelled the facility to qualify for "Energy Star" (81 rating)

status. In 2006 not satisfied, the buildings operator questioned whether the new systems were optimized. To investigate,

Turbo Dynamics was hired. An  analysis revealed a number of significant changes to operating parameters for the

cooling towers, chillers and pumping systems.  These changes resulted in major cost savings. Since this system consumes

the greatest portion of the buildings electrical energy, a major drop in electrical use by this  system resulted in a net drop of

the entire facilities electrical use by over 10%.  NO PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENTS (NO CAPITAL EXPENDITURE). Only

improved operating procedures. Now, this building (when compared) is rated in the upper 5% of "Energy Star" buildings.

The total time it took to complete the energy analysis with report was approximately one month.




                                                     OUR SERVICES ARE APPLICABLE TO;

                                             -Healthcare Facilities               -Office Complexes

                                 -Shopping Centers                   -Hospitals

                                 -Manufacturing Facilities          -Chemical Process Facilities

                                 -Food Process Plants                 -Wood Product Operations

                                 -Schools                                   -Office Towers

                                 -Central Energy Plants              -Museums

                                 -Convention Centers                  -Arenas


     Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems are the greatest consumer of energy for many facilities. 

Operating efficiencies of these systems can vary significantly depending upon design and operation.

An analysis by Turbo Dynamics will identify any significant cost savings potential by review of existing mechanical/

electrical systems, their operating parameters and the potential for cost effective physical upgrades.


In nine out of Ten facilities, Turbo Dynamics will identify major energy savings potential in the following energy systems;

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Air Handling Units
  • Steam Distribution Systems
  • Steam Condensate Return Systems
  • Large Pump Systems
  • Boiler Plant




     -Steam Turbines                    -Heat Recovery                     -Variable Frequency Drives

     -Condensing heat recovery      -Blowers/Fans                     -Chilled Water Distribution

     -Cogeneration                         -Pump Systems                    -Free Cooling Systems

     -Kilns                                     -Furnaces                            -Rooftop Units (single/multi-zone)

     -Demand Controls                   -Micro-turbines                    -Building Automation Controls

     -Metering/Recording               -Power Factor Correction       -Variable Air Volume Systems

     -Waste to Energy                     -Wind Energy                       -Solar Energy

     -Biomass                                -Landfill Gas                        -Gas Turbines


Important Points About Turbo Dynamics;

  • Turbo Dynamics does not represent any products, and is completely objective in its analysis.
  • Turbo Dynamics is very cost effective and will work on an hourly or contract basis.
  • Turbo Dynamics is able to provide any engineering services required to implement a savings project 
  • Turbo Dynamics will work with an owners regular or favorite suppliers and contractors
  • Turbo Dynamics will often identify energy system design flaws that may cause comfort problems that lead to energy waste
  • Turbo Dynamics while increasing efficiencies, will also typically  improve building comfort or production equipment performances
  • Initial consultations are free of charge and our rates beat competitors

Our services cost less because we need less time to identify savings opportunities due to our extensive experience.







                   Here are some notable companies that have enlisted Turbo Dynamics energy expertise;


Bordon (Dominican Republic)                                         Manufacturer's Enameling

Bristol-Myers Squib (Evansville)                                     Medical College of Ohio (Toledo)

Campbell's Soup Company                                             NTA Graphics

Chevron Texaco                                                              Ohlman Farms

Cleveland Municipal School District                                Perstorp Polyols     

Con-Agra Foods (Lachoy)                                                 Philips Electronics

City of Toledo, Department of Public Utilities                   Riverside Hospital

City of Toledo, Department of Public Service                    Radisson Hotel

Dayton Municipal School District                                    Smucker's Company

Gerity Shultz Company                                                   State of Ohio, Disalle Building (Government Center Toledo)

Hirtzel Canning                                                               St Mary's (City) Municipal Power (Ohio)

Hardwoods of Michigan                                                  St Charles Hospital, Toledo

Hunt Wesson                                                                 St. Vincent's Medical Center, Toledo

Lay Industries                                                                Toledo Hospital (Promedica)

Louisville School District

















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