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 Company Profile

       Turbo Dynamics specializes in the design, operation and maintenance of industrial and large commercial energy and utility systems.  Turbo Dynamics has more than thirty-four years experience in optimization of energy systems and minimizing operating costs. Our fields of specialty are as follows;

 Steam Turbines; Our expertise and extensive training allow us to perform the following consultation regarding these areas for both process (Back-pressure) and condensing turbines

  • Blade Path and Efficiency analysis
  • System Inspections and upgrades                                                        
  • Overall Performance Review for Optimization                                                                             
  • Turbine Re-rating
  • Turbine Nozzle Tuning for Maximum Efficiency.
  • Condenser Performance Analysis
  • Turbine Modifications; (Added Extraction Ports, Regenerative Feed Water Heating, Etc.)
  • Cost Savings Analysis
  • Resolve Maintenance Issues



Boilers/Steam Generators: Our experience in steam generation ranges from saturated steam for process to high pressure superheated steam for power generation. Our extensive knowledge  includes waste to energy, converting hogged, wet waste wood, dry sawdust as well as coconut shells into process or high pressure/temperature steam. Our familiarity includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Gaseous, Liquid and Solid Fuel Delivery systems
  • All Boiler Types and Designs; Water tube, Fire Tube
  • Solid Fuel Combustion Air Systems; Fuel Conveyance, Under fire Air, Over Fire Air, Induced Draft Air Systems
  • All Burn Systems; Suspension Burners, Grate Burn Systems, Gasification and Low NOX
  • Solid Fuel Metering Systems
  • Flue Gas Cleaning Systems
  • Ash Collection and Disposal
  • Fine Tuning of Combustion for Low Emissions and No Opacity
  • Flue Gas Analyzer systems



STEAM AND CONDENSATE SYSTEMS: Efficient use of energy means a smooth, non-cyclic steam flow to process, where all or most condensate returns back to the boiler system. "Saw tooth" patterns of steam flow can be caused by many things. "Water Hammer" and leaking pipes are also signs of less than optimum piping designs. Elimination of these problems has been a main focus of ours since the late 70's. Steam and condensate piping design requires an intimate understanding of Bi-phase flow systems. Major areas of focus for a smooth system include the following areas;

  • Appropriate use of steam trap types depending on application
  • Proper placement of steam trapping components
  • Steam control valve sizing and port style
  • Elimination of system "Water Logging" with condensate
  • Appropriate use of vacuum breakers without the admission of air into the system
  • Complete removal of condensate, even under vacuum conditions
  • Use and placement of appropriate condensate retrieval equipment
  • Avoiding use of steam pressure for condensate removal from batch process
  • Continuous removal of condensate from throttling processes at sub-atmospheric conditions



Turbo Dynamics comprehensive scope of expertise also extends to the following;

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chiller Plants; Mechanical and Absorption
  • Air Handling Units
  • Heat Recovery Boilers and Systems
  • Variable Volume Pump Systems
  • Wood Kilns
  • Diesel Generators
  • Gas Turbine Generators
  • Combined Cycle Generator systems



                                                     SPECIALIZING IN ENERGY SYSTEMS SINCE 1984

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